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Copies, Printing, Scanning, & Faxing

Copies, Printing, Scanning, & Faxing


The library has self-serve copiers on both floors.  The first floor copier is coin-only.  The second floor copier will accept credit cards, coins, and cash ($1's and $5's).


The library has a self-serve print station on the second floor.  Items can be printed from library computers or use our wireless printing service.  Documents can be submitted to the printer here or emailed to


Fees for copying and printing are:

$0.15 / page for black & white printing | $0.50 / page for color printing

Pay at the print station or at the Help Desk

Scanning & Faxing

The library has a self-serve fax/scanning machine on the 2nd floor.  

Scan documents and send them by fax for 25 cents per page or send by email for free.

You can receive an email confirmation when the fax is received or email the document to yourself, as well.

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