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Application for Use of Waldomore Grounds

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Waldomore Grounds are only available for use by non-profit organizations. This application must be completed by a member of the organization who is 18 or older and authorized to enter into an agreement on behalf of the organization. Because use of Waldomore grounds requires staffing that it outside of the library's regular schedule, we request the courtesy of receiving applications at least one month in advance for events held during library hours and six weeks in advance for events held outside of regular library hours.


(Must include time required for preparation)
(Must include time required for clean-up)
Policy Agreement
I have read and agree to follow the Use of Waldomore Grounds Policy.
Verification of Compliance with Requirements
I will provide the library with the required deposit, certificate of insurance naming the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library and the City of Clarksburg as additional insured and a signed statement of indemnification at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
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